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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 21, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> tampa, this is your 9:00 a.m. wake-up call. 85 and sunny. >> they're happy because tom brady is staying. have a good day, everyone. >> dana: day 26 of the war in ukraine. country's defiance on full display. ukrainian officials rejecting a demand for surrender in mariupol. we have trace gallagher today. >> russian officials gave a deadline of 5:00 a.m. moscow time in mariupol to lay down their weapons. the latest car get a school where 400 people took shelter.
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>> dana: new video from northeastern ukraine. look here. ukrainian troops continue to hold off russia's ground invasion. fierce resistance forcing moscow to rely on long-range missile attacks. >> the air assault blowing up a shopping mall in kyiv. the blast reducing the structure to rubble and at least eight people killed. >> dana: efforts to negotiate a cease-fire come up short. zelenskyy says he is hoping for a break through. he says the stakes could not be higher. >> we have to use any format, any chance in order to have the possibility of negotiating, possibility of talking to putin, but if these attempts fail, that would mean that this is a third world war. >> president biden will meet with nato leaders in brussels
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this week. the white house says the trip is part of an effort to rally the world in support of ukraine. >> dana: we learn the president will also visit poland. the country has taken in more than 2 million refugees since russia launched its invasion. reaction from congressman mike gallagher. we begin with mike tobin reporting live from lviv. good morning, mike. >> good morning. street to street fighting in mariupol we have video that seems to show just that. this video released by a brigade. a russian backed separatist region and part of the ukrainian national guard. it shows them concentrating on a tank. they seemed to focus heavy
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caliber fire on both vehicles until one of them says we got them in ukrainian. the sound of -- subject to siege warfare. russia offered a cease-fire but ukrainian fighters needed to surrender and lay down their weapons. the deputy prime minister told russian counterparts they wasted their time and the paper on which the cease-fire was written. refugees say russians are offerings indicate but have to go through russia. >> i've been sitting in a basement for two weeks. >> how do you decide to leave? >> they said we can go to native lands. i decided to do it. >> we now have video of the missile strike that flattened the mall north of kyiv. prosecutor general's office says eight people killed and says this will be added to the list of russian war crimes. meantime anticipating more bombardment the city of kyiv is
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implementing another curfew which will go into effect at 8:00 tonight and last a day and a half. trace. >> dana: thank you, stay safe. >> bill: let's go to alexandria hoff on what to expect on biden's trip to brussels. good morning. >> good morning. jen psaki said the president is a big believer in face-to-face diplomacy. wednesday the president will depart to engage in just that. the nato summit will take place thursday in brussels. while there the president will also join a european council summit as well. nato's secretary general says the goal is to bolster unity and readiness. >> we are preventing an escalation of the conflict of full-fledged war between nato and russia. >> but as we heard, a world war is what president zelenskyy predicts as peace talks with russia continue to fail. he made the warning yesterday this after president biden wrapped up his weekend trip to
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delaware with a bike ride. also announced yesterday that from brussels the president will head to poland on friday where according to the white house the president will discuss how the united states alongside our allies and partners responding to the humanitarian and human rights crisis that russia's unprovoked war on ukraine has created. republicans have not largely supported u.s. troop involvement, many continue to question president biden's overall strategy. congressman ben sasse on "fox news sunday". >> my message to the president is simple. stop listening to all of your advisors who say zelenskyy is a dead man walking and stop listening to say that ukraine will lose. >> early this afternoon president biden will host a secure call with heads of state of france, germany, italy and the u.k. this evening president biden will meet with a handful of american ceos and speak with them about domestic economic issues like fuel prices and the global impact of the war in
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ukraine. >> major impact. alexandria, thank you. >> dana: zelenskyy said they must succeed in order to prevent world war iii. let's bring in mike gallagher, congressman from wisconsin. great to have you. this is one thing the "wall street journal" wrote today in their editorial. don't go wobbly on ukraine now and putin can take the exit at any time. if he refuses the western goal should be to inflict as much pain as possible on russia as a lesson to mr. putin and any other country that might try to conquer its neighbors. the president will head to brussels on wednesday. what do you hope to see? >> well, i hope he does everything possible to rally the west so that president zelenskyy can negotiate from a position of strength. that is our job. our job is to help zelenskyy who is doing a great job rallying support for ukraine by
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continuing the supply of lethal assistance despite putin's threat and like the president to iron out the poleish mig 29 fiasco and find a way to take up slovakia. while we should be wary of escalation we can't allow the continual fear of escalation to dominate our thinking and that's why we got into this mess in the first place because of the continual fear of provoking putin, whether it was the administration's delay for over a year of providing lethal assistance. the biden administration's unwillingness to impose sanctions and the mig fiasco. we're behind the curve and we need to make putin fear what we're willing to do in defense of ukraine. the best way to avoid world war iii is investing in hard power and i hope i hear that message from president biden.
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>> dana: if i understand the biden administration is saying we'll provide ukraine weapons to defend itself but not provide them anything that would allow incursion or invasion or attack in russia itself. that's one of the reasons that they don't want to do the mig deal with poland. do you reject that? >> i don't think anyone is suggesting the migs need to go after targets in russia but a weapons system that allows zelenskyy and military commanders to defend themselves from russian aggression. i would say we have a massive amount of tools at our disposal short of putting u.s. boots on the ground inside of ukraine or going after russian targets ourselves either inside of ukraine or in russia. one thing i think we should continue to pay more attention to is the potential that china might play in the conflict. after all, initial russian blitzkrieg failed but the conflict is settling into attrition warfare. putin doesn't care about human life, it could be a successful
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strategy especially if he gets a lifeline from the chinese. we need to make sure we punish the chinese if they continue to stand by their man in moscow and support the slaughter on display in ukraine. >> dana: you went to the place i wanted to go. another point on this. this question "wall street journal" headline russia failing to achieve early victory in ukraine is shifting to plan b. and they note in their piece that chechnya russian forces sought to gain control in a russian city smaller than new jersey. ukraine is so much bigger. the problem is with 44 million people and already you have 3 1/2 million that have fled. place larger than france. do you think putin is having -- does he have a plan b? do we know what that is and can nato when president biden goes to deal with it, can he figure out a way to stop it? >> i think the plan b is as i said before attrition warfare or perhaps he scales down his ambitions to not control all of
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the country but control effectively eastern ukraine and dominate the black sea by consolidating gains in the south. it would be a devastating outcome for ukraine and give putin a better position with which to threaten nato allies in the future. so again we need to stand strong. make sure we negotiate from a position of strength and continue to impose costs on the russians. as for the china angle, reportedly president biden's call with xi failed to convince the chinese to stay on the sidelines. they haven't been on the sidelines. they are supporting putin's slaughter from the beginning and announced their endless cooperation before the olympics. it was a declaration of a new cold war against the west. we need to wake up to that reality to win the new cold war. >> dana: mike gallagher kicking us off. good to see you. trace, i think one of the things that we're looking at
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here is with biden going to brussels. it's just a terrible dill -- dilemma. they say they'll try to avoid war. >> the whole concept here is we want ukraine to win. that's what europe pushes. he said yes the question becomes how much do you put into ukraine to win and where the world might ultimately lose because putin gets caught into a corner and does something destructive. >> dana: the congressman is saying to keep strong. we have general jack keane coming up. >> bill: breaking news coming in. china's airliner with 132 people on board crashed in the mountains of southern china today around 2:30 p.m. local time. officials say the boeing 737 was flying between two southern cities but it never reached its scheduled destination. we should point out they have
6:12 am
said this is not the boeing 737 max that has had so much trouble in recent years. this was the standard boeing 737 which is the most used airplane in the world. no word yet on casualties or what caused the crash. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> dana: we're learning more about president biden's phone call with president xi. not from the white house. what beijing is saying and how the government is justifying its refusal to condemn russia. >> we get an update on the tense situation at chernobyl. what we are learning about the staffers forced to work at gun point. >> dana: a group of yale law students drowning out a discussion of free speech. one of their potential employers suggesting it should be a permanent blemish on their careers. >> can i ask you all? yale has a policy of freedom of
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so your growing wifi needs will be met. supersonic wifi only from us... xfinity. >> trace: 64 workers at the chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern ukraine have been allowed to go home after 600 straight hours on the job. those workers among some 300 people russian troops have held at gun point since february 24 the day russia seized chernobyl as the invasion began. 46 so-called employee volunteers have replaced those workers. >> dana: a federal judge emailed colleagues across the country saying they should think twice about hiring law students who disrupted a free speech panel at yale university. more than 100 students attended the shout down speakers at the event on civil liberties last week. david spunt is live in washington with the details. >> good morning. the event at yale was supposed
6:19 am
to be progressives and conservatives can agree on certain issues like free speech. however, the situation quickly got out of control. listen. >> can i ask you all as you know yale has a policy of freedom of speech. [shouting] >> this video obtained by fox news shows students standing up and yelling at a speaker named kristin wagner, a conservative attorney. she defended a colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. wagner continued her talk once the protestors left the room. in a statement to fox news yale said in part the law school follows the university's free speech policy and procedures which includes a three strikes rule. as soon as the moderator read the university policy for the first time the students exited the event and went forward. members of the administration
6:20 am
are in serious conversation with students about our policies, expectations and norms. this is federal judge silverman who wrote an email to his fellow federal judges across the country and told them to refrain from hiring some of these yale law students who shouted out loud in the classroom as law clerks. his email reads according to reuters through his colleagues all federal judges and federal judges are committed to free speech should carefully consider whether any such student so identified should be disqualified for potential clerkships. no comment from the judge on this. the same questions about the students stopping free speech can be asked of the judge sending emails that may prevent students from some of these future positions. we'll continue to watch it. >> dana: they probably didn't expect that reaction. we'll follow this story. thank you, david. >> trace: let's bring in marc thiessen former speech writer for george w. bush and fox news contributor. always good to see you.
6:21 am
the "wall street journal" writes the following. david's report. the right to free speech is a bedrock principle of the u.s. constitution. if these students are so blinkered by ideology they can't tolerate a debate over civil liberties on campus the future of the american legal system is in jeopardy. the theme here is at some point these future lawyers will have to listen to both sides of the argument. >> that's exactly right. judge silverman is right. none of these people should be anywhere near a federal courtroom or clerking for a federal judge or serving on a bench. they're adults on the fast track to high flying legal careers and students at yale law school, one of the most prestigious law school in the country. more federal judges and more supreme court justices than any law school in the country and they were disrupting kristin wagner from the alliance for defending freedom. this is a group since 2014 has argued and won 12 cases in
6:22 am
front of the supreme court. she argued many of those cases and she was engaged in a debate with a liberal advocate for disagreed with her. if you want to be a clerk for a federal judge or be a federal judge, listen respectfully as two people argue the different sides of an issue is your job. so if you can't do that-in-law school, how can you do it on the federal bench or serving someone on the federal bench. they disqualified themselves from the jobs they may be seeking. >> trace: we talk about cancel culture on the left and the argument maybe this federal judge went too far black listing these students from clerkship. is that the same thing? are we talking about he is kind of going after their free speech? >> no, i've heard that argument made and it is untrue to. to say shutting down speech is free speech is orwellian.
6:23 am
they weren't asking respectful questions. they were trying to shut down a speaker and prevent them from speaking. as far cancel culture, they were trying to cancel the speaker. they were not being canceled. there are consequences for your actions. if you behave like an infant at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. your job if you serve as a judge or clerk for a judge is to uphold the u.s. constitution including the first amendment. if you can't respect the first amendment when you are-in-law school, how are you going to respect it on the federal bench? >> there are no consequences. yale has a policy against barring free speech and yet no consequences at yale. and what i'm concerned about is, this wasn't just a peaceful protest. it got a little out of hand. the washington free beacon said at times things seemed in danger of getting physical. protestors were blocking the only exit from the event and two members of the federalist society said they were grabbed and jostled as they attempted to leave.
6:24 am
one student said hey, i want to fight and then used a profanity after that. your final thoughts. >> so simply this is not cancel culture if you behave like a moron on national television and are videoed and threaten a litigator who has argued 12 cases in front of the supreme court with violence. and try to top them from speaking and you are caught on film doing that it is perfectly legitimate for a federal judge to look at your name and say i don't think i want to give this person a clerkship or hire them. whether a liberal or conservative you shouldn't want someone like that working for you. actions have consequences and it will follow them the rest of their careers. >> trace: thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: gas prices hovering at a high squeengz consumers at the pump. far left say they know it's to blame. not the biden administration. fox business's cheryl casone is
6:25 am
ahead on that. as china refuses to condemn russia's attack on ukraine is xi eyeing a similar move on taiwan? general jack keane is standing by. >> chairman xi wanted to see if the west had will to stand up to putin because xi desires to seize taiwan. we need to demonstrate that freedom loving people around the world would rather have u.s. leadership than chinese oppression. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate
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6:31 am
as kamikaze drones. they explode on impact and used against tanks or artillery and single use weapons. one of the key factors is -- to train a ukraine soldier to use one of these drones takes less than a single day. >> these drones are very easy to turn on and fly very quickly. pretty much ready out of the box. they have a screen that allows you to view your target quickly and they fly in a way that in many cases is autonomous. >> it is a tiny weapon just two feet long and weighs less than 6 pounds. it can fly for 15 minutes and has a range of six miles. the ideal use is for a team to fire it against a tank in the distance and simply melt away. >> backpack of some ukrainian special operations soldier who is going to somehow spot russian tanks within a short
6:32 am
range, send the drone off quickly, identify the target and then jam it right into that tank so it surprises them from the air. >> a california company makes the switch blade drones. they cost $6,000 apiece. this first shipment of 100 is really a test run depending how they do on the battlefield there could be many more on the way. back to you. >> steve harrigan live in atlanta. thank you. >> dana: fascinating. president biden spoke for two hours by phone with president xi on friday upon the war in ukraine. looming over the call the possibility of another potential invasion as "the new york times" column puts it, is taiwan next? let's bring in general jack keane retired four star general chairman at the institute for the study of war and fox senior strategic analyst. let me ask you what you think based on what you have heard from the call. not from the white house, more from beijing, but china's calculations as they think this
6:33 am
through is taiwan next? >> well, i think when you consider china's actions certainly and the deal they made with russia is a very serious issue. certainly for the united states and democracies. they oppose the world order as we know it. all that said, despite the challenges that have taken place in ukraine and they are obvious and china is looking at them. the poor performance of russia's military for sure. the ukraine resistance which most people underestimated and they are taking all that calculation in in addition to what the sanctions are doing and russia becoming an international pariah. this is what we have to stay clear eyed about. president xi will act in his national interest to achieve his strategic goals. sortly high on that list is the reunification of taiwan, his
6:34 am
words. and that i believe, as he has said many times, he fully intends to do that on his watch. and i don't believe anything that's happening in ukraine will deter him from that strategic objective which is so critically important to the chinese and to president xi and his reign. he will take note of all the issues there but he will sfai in pursuit of it. it may change the options that he is selecting based on advice from his military leaders. it may change the timing. but it is not going to change the objective. he fully intends to accomplish that objective and we have to recognize it for that. what i think this does for us, it is a wake-up call, dana. in terms of china it's a wake-up call for the countries in the region and it can be a positive impact in doing more to help each other in the alliances we have and doing more to help taiwan.
6:35 am
certainly one of the things we can do early on for taiwan is provide them more arms in an unscheduled shipment of arms now to show our solidification and support for taiwan that is going on in europe. that's the positive thing i think will come out of this in terms of our allies' oounfication similar what happened to nato as a result of this military invasion. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about president biden's trip to nato leaving on wednesday. they will have a meeting. how much does china loom over that conversation? >> i think it should be part of the conversation. we have president xi who is now supporting russia, who is led by a war criminal. so president xi will be assisting him in committing war crimes. we should pin that rose and pay public pronouncements to that effect. i applaud the biden administration exposing the
6:36 am
classified information, dana, that russia did ask for military assistance with some degree of specificity in public sources and economic assistance. the chinese ambassador to the united states denied that they were going to provide military assistance. if that turns out to be a fact, that is a good thing coming out of that. i've spoken to that same ambassador last week for over an hour and they certainly are parsing their words now on russia. certainly they aren't condemning russia's actions but also saying they are looking for a diplomatic, peaceful solution. that's different from where they began with. but yes, this is an important meeting in nato. china looms over it because they can provide significant assistance to russia. they already have offered up their credit card system to replace mastercard and visa which are no longer working there. they've already offered up their limited telecommunication
6:37 am
financial system being we're denying russia from the swift system. and likely will increase their trading with russia, they are a major trading partner. so yes, let's put china on the table for who they really are. they are supporting this war criminal, committing war criminal acts and pin the rose on them and talk about what are we going to do about it? >> dana: i look forward to talking to you later this week as the meeting gets underway. the president leaving on wednesday for brussels. thank you, general. >> great talking to you, dana. >> trace: as russia continues its brutal military assault on ukraine it is also pushing propaganda online. next how washington is pushing big tech to clamp down on the putin disinformation machine. plus as the pain at the pump goes on, far left democrats are finding another bad guy to blame. >> this is an emergency. it is time to hold these oil
6:38 am
companies accountable for profiteering at this terrible moment of war.
6:39 am
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>> trace: back to the war in ukraine. the battle incyberspace. joe manchin urge knowledge mark zuckerberg to work harder to censor russian propaganda. his earlier efforts were too little too late. kelly, good morning. >> good to see you. a war is being fought on the ground but an information battle is being fought online. russian propaganda has been circulating on social media for weeks with a recent attack targeting the official white house instagram. nearly every post in the past week contains a flood of russian comments such as you can't live without us. the white house has yet to remove them and that it did not
6:44 am
address the issue. it's one example of disinformation monitoring platform found more than 115,000 twitter and facebook accounts have been spreading russia propaganda. for example this russian state post claims that ukraine attacked its own nuclear facilities. in response to the flood of propaganda senator joe manchin is calling for a ban of russian state media from all metaplatforms. the company has declined to do so. we are down playing it and also showing people a notice before they reshare content from these accounts. not only are the companies ill equipped but algorithms actively promote it. >> the real problem with misinformation is not individual accounts or individual people, it is about networks of amplification. the reality is that russia has spent the last 5 or 10 years building out elaborate networks.
6:45 am
facebook allowed the networks to thrive. it underinvested in national security issues. >> restricting content warns tiktok's ban on content in russia it could leave a void. >> trace: kelly, thank you. >> no consistency here where an oil company could say hey, we're just doing whatever the market is reflecting because when the market -- when the supply goes down and prices go down, that is not reflected at the pump for consumers. we hope we can pass legislation that stops this profiteering and get some of that money back to consumers. >> dana: the chair of the house progressive caucus pointing the finger squairl at oil companies for the pain at the pump. the national average going from 3.53 a month ago to 4.32 a week ago.
6:46 am
two days after the congresswoman's profiteering claims prices started to settle. let's bring in cheryl casone. she might say it's because she was warning the oil companies. >> they want to bring them in front of their committees in april. april 5 is the date to beat up on the oil company executives. it is a wrong way to describe the oil market and how we pay for gasoline and how it gets to our pump and into our cars. look, there is a whole supply chain here when it comes to the oil industry. basically what people are paying right now at the pump is what the refiners paid for oil three weeks ago. called futures contracts. these are energy markets. what she said in a way is correct it is the energy market that dictates the price. talked to a couple of analysts and professor out in california who are paying horrific prices.
6:47 am
gasoline prices will follow oil prices slower down than they do up, that's the way the market works. it happens in a lot of businesses across the country. i will give him credit. he says the american people's anger is misplaced. congress's anger is misplaced. even though the brands are on the monikers they should be mad at local gasoline service station owner. >> trace: it's a good point. we've done this stories. gas happens to be $100 a gallon in california. $6 and $7 a gallon. privately owned gas stations we do these stories all the time. that's where the price lies. they are paying real estate and this and that. >> 50% of what you pay for gasoline at the pump is directly tied to oil prices. but just 50%, not 100%. the price gouging issue. things congress can do right
6:48 am
now to deal with gas prices instead of calling another hearing and more yelling at executives from xyz company. kill the federal gasoline tax. suspend it for a time. at the state level they could do the same thing. maryland just did. >> dana: there is a group on the far left that i think they're trying to organize or come out before that hearing on april 5 to pressure the biden administration to say don't do anything to open up more oil and gas. we should use this as an opportunity to tell people we have to transition to cleaner energy. everybody would love to transition to cleaner energy but we have to be smart about it. you can't change the law of physics overnight. it takes time. >> trace: petrochemicals. the swaert you are wearing right now. petrochemicals. fossil fuels. you can't just say that's it. do you think wind and solar will power an airplane? i'm making that up but doing a story on the new electric airplanes. we'll see how that goes.
6:49 am
but someday, maybe someday but not today. and we're in an inflation environment now. 40-year high for inflation, people are struggling. wages aren't rising fast enough and people are upset about gas prices. i'm upset about gas prices. it is expensive. >> dana: hurting small businesses. >> trace: it will take time. gasoline prices -- don't quote me. gasoline prices will likely come down. energy traders and the energy market understand the ukraine/russia conflict. the volatility will subside in the oil market. >> trace: you can't get wind and solar on the grid unless you have fossil fuels. you need fossil fuels at night. until they can figure out how to store it you still need fossil fuels. >> dana: i didn't know i was wearing a petrochemical. it would be more attractive if they advertised it that way.
6:50 am
have a good day. >> trace: russia's war in ukraine is stirring up new concerns over china's potential threat to iowan. what could that mean for the u.s. national security expert michael allen joins us with his take plus the viral moment of the anti-war outcry on russian state tv last week making big waves. should the u.s. do more to help counter moscow's propaganda machine? >> it was a decision for me to go live on air but the dissatisfaction with the current situation has been accumulating for many years. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:51 am
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6:56 am
channels was becoming more and more distorted. >> the journalist who staged a protest on russian state television talking about moscow's efforts to suppress information on the war. experts say the u.s. should be doing more to combat russian propaganda. we need to raise awareness within the russian population what's going on because right now the russians and the americans are limiting the information flows into russia. russians are afraid of western propaganda and the u.s. because we want to punish russia. with me now is a visiting fellow at the american enterprise institute. thank you for coming on. i look at the whole picture in russia and baffled. they have taken away social media. all the regular media is propaganda and the virtual private networks are also being taken away. how in the world if you are inside russia and craving information do you get it?
6:57 am
>> yes, absolutely agree with you. the situation there definitely faces media darkness. russia is waging a psychological war on several fronts. waging it on ukraine against and also inside russia. while russia is not doing that well in the west certainly is doing great inside russia for the reasons you mentioned because apparently right now social media -- foreign social media platforms are practically not operating and it is very difficult to even use the epn system and there are even bans in russia but different ways we can provide the russians to use those media and let me just give an example. last week on tiktok you had a situation where there was a coordinated thing where the most popular russian influencers received direction how they should address russian
6:58 am
population regarding the war. and for example take a look at the most popular influencers they are repeating the same texts and how russian propaganda really works. this is not new. russia has been a psychological warfare super power since the cold war but nowadays in a typical printed media is not that popular. they really understand the power of social media platforms and they are using them perfectly. >> trace: if i can jump in. you have reports they are having russia propaganda teaching classes of kindergarten and first graders about anti-ukraine people. they are using it also in this country because it believes it benefits them. is that a fair assessment?
6:59 am
>> absolutely a very fair statement. this is nothing against -- nothing new. russia has been waging a psychological war over the past few decades. thing is with social media platforms gave them more access to american population. i'll give you for example another very recent example. you will see more and more russian media right now here in the united states not only how we should address wars and russian videos regarding the ukraine war but something interesting that is that the russian government is peddling information that we are basically a racist country using russia phobia and they understand very well that they are very sensitive when it comes to questions regarding race. they are definitely using that to reach a certain population here. >> trace: 10 seconds to wrap us
7:00 am
up. is putin winning the propaganda war inside russia or are the russian people skeptical. 10 seconds left. >> no, winning the war inside russia and something we need to take very seriously. this is why i firmly believe that united states should use social media platforms to reach more to the russian people but through the russian social media platforms. >> trace: great to have you on. thank you. good insight. >> thank you. [chanting] >> dana: angry ukrainians taking to the streets shutting at russian troops an important city on the black sea controlled by russia. in the capital of kyiv russian shelling obliterates a shopping mall near the center city killing eight people. a smoldering roo*un. the force of the explosion
7:01 am
shattering every window in a nearby high rise. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. bill hemmer has time off. trace is here with us. >> trace: good morning to you. good morning i'm trace gallagher. some of the worst horrors of the war taking place in the southern city of mariupol. ukraine rejecting a russian demand to surrender the city by this morning in exchange for safe passage. here is congressman mike gallagher last hour. >> why we should be wary of escalation we cannot allow the continual fear of escalation to dominate our thinking. we're continually behind the curve because we're afraid of provoking putin. it is time we make putin fear what we are willing to do in defense of ukraine. a cold war against the west and we need to wake up to that reality to win the new cold war. >> dana: jeff paul is live in lviv, ukraine. thank you. >> it is starting as it has by
7:02 am
the sounds of air raid sirens. four different occasions where the sirens went off warning folks of the possibility of danger. but western ukraine remains relatively calm compared the other parts of the country where folks are going about their daily lives here. east of here in the city of kyiv it was a very violent and horrific night. officials confirming as many as eight were killed after russian forces launched a rocket into a nearby mall. ukrainian officials sayings the shopping center was destroyed and the blast was so big it burned nearby cars and sent shrapnel into homes that surrounded the area. due to the increased risk of attack officials announced a new curfew starting tonight at 8:00 p.m. local and lasts through wednesday morning. >> terrible damages have been inflicted onto our shopping mall and residential buildings aroungd it. it will be interesting to show to the whole world we don't have any strategic military objects here as the russians
7:03 am
say. >> despite the attacks from russia leaders in ukraine remain defiant. mariupol city officials have said at least 2300 people of died. hundreds of thousands of residents trying to run from the attacks have struggled to evacuate and stuck in the area due to the ongoing bombardment. >> all the infrastructure was destroyed, everything was bombed. electricity, water, communications. we need to unite our voices for a cease-fire because at the moment civilians are being hit blindly and uncontrollably. >> despite the continued russian aggression ukrainian forces are battling back making any sort of takeover of cities difficult at the moment after nearly a month of fighting the war sessionly stalled with really no major change in the front lines. however, the toll on humanity here in this country continues
7:04 am
to increase. you not only have increased civilian deaths reported due to russian targets including homes or the mall we just saw there but also the u.n. reporting that 10 million people within this country have been forced to leave their homes behind. many staying in other cities within ukraine while millions leaving the country all together. trace and dana. >> dana: thank you, jeff. stay safe there. >> trace: china's ambassador to the u.s. insisting his country is promoting peace by calling for a cease-fire in ukraine but refusing to condemn russia's ruthless attacks. mark meredith with more. >> the biden administration says it is warning china not to assist russia with the military invasion to ukraine or there could be consequences. the white house not laying out what those repercussions would be. it's no secret russia and china have grown closer in recent years. intelligence officials believe china asked russia to hold off on its invasion until after the conclusion of the beijing
7:05 am
winter games. still china's ambassador to the u.s. says his country's relationship with putin is an asset and not something to be criticized by the west. >> china's relations with russia is not a liability. it is an asset in the international efforts to solve the crisis in a peaceful way. >> china's role came up on a call that president biden had with president xi jing ping on friday. both officials talked about taiwan and they have no plan to stop selling -- this weekend the chinese criticized the navy for recently sending a u.s. destroyer through the taiwan strait. the chinese calling the move
7:06 am
provocative. russia's invasion has sparked concern about what china may do next. whether or not it would challenge taiwan's status. experts on the foreign policy side are mixed about what china may ultimately do. >> trace: mark, thank you. >> dana: more for let's bring in michael allen former special assistance to george w. bush at the national security council. thank you for being with us, michael. i hope i say the chinese ambassador he said this also about the relationship that they have with russia and why they won't condemn. watch. >> china is part of the solution. it is not part of the problem. china has normal trade, economic, financial, energy cooperations with russia. >> why can't you condemn this as an invasion? >> it doesn't solve the problem. >> dana: isn't what he just said the actual problem? >> it is, dana.
7:07 am
the chinese are trying to have it both ways. on the one hand we have credible reports that the chinese may send arms to rearm the russians and with the other side of their mouth they are talking about peace. we need to be able to call them on this. if they turn out to be an arsenal for that we need to bring it to the attention of the world and sanction them. >> dana: he said china's objectives is in line with the wishes of most countries and china's claims are on the right side of history. it is in line with the wishes of most countries. objectively that's not true. >> it's really not true. the world is within ukraine with the exception of a few rogue states. you've talked about a geopolitical competition with china. if the chinese will align themselves deeper and deeper
7:08 am
with the russians we ought to make them pay for that. we should hang putin the war criminal around their neck and encourage all the fence sitters in asia and europe worried about taking sides in what's becoming a sort of ought october rasy versus communist world. >> dana: lavrov, the foreign minister for russia said this cooperation between russia and china will get stronger. at a time when the west is undermining the system where the international system is based we need to think how to carry on in this world. who is undermining the foundations which the international system is based? >> it is a total sham. they talk out of both sidedes o their mouth. the russians are slaughtering ukrainians and the chinese may well be helping the russians
7:09 am
evade tensions to give them more oxygen to keep going. we have to watch closely and call them on it. >> dana: it appears the united states biden administration is closer than it has been at any point to this point in getting this deal back together with iran. and here is representative jim banks on with lawrence jones on saturday. watch here. >> they are interested in doing two things. killing americans and killing israelis. if this deal passes, joe biden will be sending billions of dollars to a terrorist group and if it passes joe biden will be the biggest funder of terrorism in the world and american taxpayers will be the ones paying for it. >> dana: michael, russia is part of this deal. >> that's right. russia has great relations with all these types of states who are alied against the united states. look. we're in a danger zone here. i'm not sure we ought to go back into a relationship with
7:10 am
iran. we can't trust them. they've made huge nuclear gains. they can't unlearn what they've already figure out and we even have the basics of any time, any place inspections so we might have a little bit of confidence that iran didn't have a covert enrichment program. this is riddled with problems but it appears that biden is going forward with it. >> dana: we'll see what happens on that. michael allen. thank you for kicking us off in the 10:00 hour. appreciate it. trace. >> trace: democrats are playing a blame game over sky high gas prices as they worry about the november mid-terms. who the left is pointing their fingers at now. >> dana: a federal judge calling outlaw students at yale who shouted down speakers at a free speech panel. why it could be a stain on their future careers. >> this was physical intimidation and bullying that took place in the presence of yale administration. yale administrators shouldn't be cowering to mobs but embrace
7:11 am
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>> trace: justin clarence thomas has been hospitalized in d.c. since friday for an infection and flu-like symptoms. the justice will likely be released today or tomorrow and
7:17 am
does not have covid. they add he will use court records and recordings to consider cases that he cannot hear in person. >> dana: confirmation hearings about to get underway for supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson. scheduled to appear before the senate judiciary committee at 11:00 a.m. eastern. here to talk about it is former assistance u.s. attorney andy mccarthy. this one is certainly not getting as much attention only because we have so much other breaking news going on around the world with the war in ukraine. how do you expect these hearings to go? opening statements today and questioning gets going tomorrow. >> i think the real reason aside from all the other things that are going on which have pushed this down the news tree is she is not going the change the trajectory of the court, number one. number two, i don't think there is a lot of drama to this. it appears she has the votes to
7:18 am
get confirmed. so i think if the republicans are smart, i think the way they should play this is for purposes of the upcoming mid-term elections and forset up the presidential elections, the kind of nominees that president biden wants to put on the court who are not originalists or not philosophically attune to the idea that judges are there to apply the law as it was understood when the constitution was ratified or as it was understood when congress enacted it. i would be making the philosophical argument about the biden judges and not do a personal attack on judge jackson, who is by all accounts, a fine person in terms of character and intellect. she is simply somebody who philosophically i think constitutional conservatives would disagree with as far as what the role of a judge is. >> trace: and yet you have
7:19 am
senators like josh hawley who is going after her saying when she was on the u.s. sentencing commission she was giving -- going light on these sex offenders, pedophiles and so forth. so there is a tendency for it to get a little ugly as it goes through the process. zbliet was unfortunate of hawley's part. there is a soft on crime case to be made against judge jackson but i think the suggestion that she is soft on child pornography when you get -- i wrote a column about this at national review. when you get into the details of what we're talking about, she is -- he is not talking about all sex offenders or the worst sex offenders. he is talking about people who consume images of child pornography and i must say as somebody who was a prosecutor in the system, there are a lot of pretty hard-nosed prosecutors and very conservative tough judges who think that those penalties that congress enacted particularly
7:20 am
in the 1990s going forward were way out of whack in terms of the toughness on the people who were at the bottom end of offenders in child pornography. and i think what hawley has done is conflate all of the offenses that are under the category of sex offender and suggest that she is soft on all of that stuff and i don't think the case is there for that. i think what she was dealing with were cases at the bottom of the system and she is hardly the only judge who has had a problem with that. >> dana: josh hawley the senator from missouri will ask her questions about that tomorrow as he is on the judiciary committee and each senator has 30 minutes of questioning time so buckle up, everybody. a long one. a quick thought on this in yale there was a free speech event that was shouted down by the students there and judge silverman who i know you know well suggested to fellow judges that maybe those students part
7:21 am
of that protest that were preventing a free speech event from happening should be on a black list and not be allowed to clerk for judges. what do you think of that? >> well, i think judge silverman is substantially right. i don't know if you need to black list them to automatically make them unqualified for those positions but dana, these are elite law students in their mid 20s. if they don't have a commitment to the idea that we have a non-coercive system, adversary system where both sides get to make their arguments in a peaceful setting and that's how we resolve disputes, then they are not fit to be in the criminal justice system. our kind of pair gone adversarial system. it ought to be well-known to all the judges and anyone else who might hire them they were involved and every judge ought to weigh it for what it's worth. these are not people you need in the criminal justice system
7:22 am
or any justice system if they aren't committed to the essential values of the justice system. >> dana: thank you so much. as these hearings get underway we'll come back to you again and again i'm sure. thank you so much. >> trace: after weeks of blaming vladimir putin for record high gas prices democrats are pivoting to big oil as the culprit. congressional correspondent chad pergram live in d.c. with more on this. >> good morning. democrats are offering their message on gas prices. they previously called it the putin premium. the blame is now trained on the american energy industry. gop says democrats are scrambling for a narrative on the economy ahead of the mid-terms. >> we should fill out a bracket to see who do they blame next? now they want to blame the oil companies. >> americans aren't buying these excuses but unfortunately they're paying for them. >> democrats accuse oil firms of padding their profits because of the crisis overseas. >> we're just doing whatever
7:23 am
the market is reflecting because when the market -- when the supply is down and prices go down, that is not reflected at the pump for consumers. >> democrats are also using higher gas prices as a way to underscore their environmental agenda. >> democrats have a great energy plan. the transition to a clean economy. that's our energy plan. the oil companies now some in the oil companies want to use it as an opportunity to open up more drilling even when they don't need it to increase, you know, american production. >> expect executives from b.p. chevron and exxonmobile to field tough questions at the hearing in early april and agenda to take on big business. >> trace: chad, thank you. >> dana: invasion of ukraine fueling a surge in wheat prices. what it means for the global food supply. the war is forcing millions of people to leave their homes. our next guest recently met
7:24 am
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no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> dana: investigators in two states. police in arkansas said there were tl* was a shooting in a car dealership and there was a gun fight in austin, texas. casey stiegel has the latest from dallas. >> good morning. the arkansas governor calling this weekend's shooting a quote total disregard of the value of life. police say gunfire broke out saturday night at a car show in arkansas, a small farming community pretty close to the mississippi state line. one person was killed and at least 27 hurt, including a number of small children. investigators say they do have one person in custody and they
7:30 am
are looking for one more. >> we are actively following leads of a possible suspect involved. the bottom line are two individuals got in a gun fight. no mass shooting intended on this. it was two individuals who exchanged gunfire and unfortunately we had multi-victims of the shooting incident. >> a similar circumstance in texas, austin police say an argument between two groups of people resulted in a shooting saturday night in the streets of downtown as the south by southwest music and film festival was wrapping. four people suffered minor injures east. the same night up in dallas at least 10 people hurt after a shooting outside a spring break party. authorities say one of the victims an 18-year-old is in critical condition. police are looking for multiple gunmen who they say carried out the crime because they were
7:31 am
upset bouncers wouldn't let them bring firearms into the party venue. >> dana: casey stiegel for us this morning. thank you. >> trace: the war in ukraine humanitarian disaster and it is growing. the u.n. reporting 10 million people have fled their homes either displaced inside ukraine or as refugees abroad. our next guest just got back from a mission to germany and poland where he met with dozens of those refugees. texas senator john cornyn joining us on capitol hill. over the past four weeks we've spoken to multiple aide workers in ukraine and poland. they can't get the medicine they need, the vital resources they need and i wonder while you were over there did you find any solutions? did you see any remedies to making this happen? >> well, the bottom line is they need more of everything,
7:32 am
humanitarian relief, more defensive weapons to fight the russians with, they need more, they need it now. i think one of the things we are sort of finding ourselves in this mindset that because the ukrainians are showing great courage and president zelenskyy is acting like a modern day winston churchill rallying the free people around the world to the ukrainian cause, vladimir putin is now set siege to ukrainian cities. i'm afraid we're not at the end of his efforts, his unprovoked attack against the ukrainians but this is the beginning. and so one thing we heard they need more. they need more relief, humanitarian relief and they need more weapons to defend themselves in their country with. >> dana: what about the countries like poland that have taken in so many refugees. their systems will be stretched to a breaking point. i love the generosity and i know they will continue to open
7:33 am
up their doors to welcome them. what do they need in terms of providing even shelter, food, clothing, things like that? >> the poles and germans and really all of our nato allies in europe have been heroic in their response because they understand the need. they know this could happen to them if putin decides to extend his aggression beyond the borders of ukraine into nato. so it's really heartwarming to see how the poles and other nato allies have opened their hearts and doors and their homes. people are literally living in homes of the residents in those countries and they don't know what the future holds. obviously women and children, the elderly and infirm are trying to make their way out of ukraine for safety. meanwhile the men who are fighting are going the opposite
7:34 am
direction and offering reinforcements against the russians. so the ukrainians are doing great work and the folks in the region are showing big hearts and opening their arms to the refugees but again i don't think we should be under any illusion this is the end or even the middle of putin's plans. this is really unfortunately the beginning and we need to be thinking about how we are going to respond. >> trace: senator, you said they need more of everything including weapons. when you were over there talking to the people what are they saying about weapons and where do you come down on fighter jets, no fly zones, etc. >> i believe we ought to provide the ukrainians what they believe they need and what they believe they can use. that was a subject of intense questioning and discussion during our visit because we don't want to deny them anything they can use to defend themselves and their country. there are some questions about the efficacy or usefulness of some of the fighter jets because the russians now are
7:35 am
shooting long range weapons from russian airspace. the ukrainians have done a great job of keeping those russian planes out of ukrainian skies using the weapons we provided them but now the russians have adapted and they are shooting cruise missiles and other long-range weapons from russian airspace where the migs will not be particularly helpful. this is a dynamic situation and we need to keep on top of it. >> trace: indeed. senator, thank you. >> dana: thank you, take care. >> thank you. >> dana: volunteers are working around the clock to provide aide to those seeking safety in neighboring countries from ukraine. you can join fox in supporting red cross relief efforts. donate now by going to red forward. so far all of you have raised more than $11 million to assist the red cross in ukraine and to our viewers around the world, thank you and well done. more to come there.
7:36 am
>> trace: a great organization. the cost of food going higher and higher. pinching budgets and forcing some to go hungry. why the war in ukraine will make prices worse in the months ahead. as russia steps up brutal atrocities against civilians in ukraine should president biden do more to stop russia's president putin sf >> there is a lot of evil out there. i don't like what they are doing to these civilians. there has to be justice in this world for people who want to live free and that's what we fought for. grab a jersey mike's sub on march 30th. and all sales will be donated to the special olympics usa games. veteran homeowners- you made a smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more.
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>> trace: american food producers, grocers and customers feeling the impact on the war in ukraine as they brace for substantial price hikes. nate foye live in the new york city newsroom. good morning. >> good morning to you. ukraine and russia are two of the world's leading grain exporters, the war will threaten the supply they provide. americans are paying more for food because of inflation and supply chain issues. >> american shoppers should expect their grocery bills will go up. >> rob is the president and ceo of the american bakers association. he says bread makers across the
7:42 am
country are feeling the pressure from the war in ukraine. and the longer the conflict goes on, the more it will affect the global food supply system. >> if you take essentially one of the top wheat growing regions out of production for a year, that's going to have a ripple effect. substantial ripple effect. >> known as europe's bread basket ukraine and russia are two of the world's five leading exporters of wheat and produce 25% of the global supply. >> it will impact the most vulnerable in our society many of whom are still feeling the impacts of the pandemic. >> we're looking every day at inflation almost reaching 10%. >> dan is a supply chain expert and founder of a company. he says rising prices of seed oils will put the squeeze on consumer cost. >> it's energy costs that are
7:43 am
going to choke consumers at every level. as food companies need to stay competitive. >> a recent report from the bureau of labor statistics says consumer food prices are risen nearly 8% since february of 2021. >> food markets are globalized. to a certain extent it's impossible to avoid the impact of disruptions like this. >> a food policy expert at the center for strategic international studies. though other countries face direct threats to their food supplies due to the war, she says americans are not totally insulated from the impact. >> i do think this is going to continue to put more outward pressure for a longer time in the prices in the u.s. it is through increase in prices of these inputs that you see farmers are going to have to pay more to produce and then consumers pay a lot more to buy this food. >> u.s. food prices up 7.9%
7:44 am
compared to last year. but the war may cause prices to go up even more. back to you. >> trace: nate foye live in new york. thank you. >> they began to destroy our city completely. house after house. every house became a target. >> they look for whatever pretext they can find to shoot at peaceful people. >> dana: russian forces bombing an art school in mariupol yesterday. as many as 400 civilians were sheltering there. critics say president biden is not doing enough to solve vladimir putin's assault on ukrainian people. i read in the "new york times" this morning that while some think we haven't done enough, putin apparently is increasingly concerned about regime change and it might enter into his calculations though nobody is talking about it. >> a lot of things we could be doing we're not. obviously we see clearly now
7:45 am
what putin is doing is matter of strategy and slaughter of innocent civilians. that's the plan to terrorize ukraine into submission. it is in everyone's interest we try to put the pressure on to end the killing but do it in a way that doesn't reward putin for his aggression. there are a number of things. military front we have to keep arming the ukrainians for as long as they want to fight. and from what i'm not a military expert but those who we talk to people like jack keane and others say we aren't getting the logistics right. not getting there quickly enough. not bad but could be better. the real pressure because in a sense if you give them more weapons it keeps the fighting going. what you want to do is end the killing and there the two big levers that we're not using the biden administration isn't using is one is energy and china. on energy there is talk about the incredibly tough sanctions. our own treasury department has made it clear the energy component of the financial sanctions even from us don't
7:46 am
kick in until june 24th. look at europe. just since the start of the war, they've sent 15 billion dollars to putin for his war machine. china, they could end the war with a phone call. that is what's happening right now. china is bailing out putin and we're not doing anything to put pressure on china through sanctions which is the route that seems to work with them and that's what 24e are worried about and with biden saying don't sanction us. they're concerned about that. we aren't using the economic levers strongly enough. >> trace: you talk about not using weapons. public opinion is a big weapon in russia. you talked with a young woman arrested for protesting. let's play what see said and get your response. >> there is more and more people who are against the war and putin. and this amount is growing daily and i think in a few
7:47 am
months most people in russia will be against putin. >> trace: she is young and she was in and out. she was arrested. >> she has been released. she was 24r for the best part of a day. took her phone and she couldn't contact a lawyer but she is in out and in court this week and thinks she will be facing just a fine. i asked her about the law with the threat of 15 years in jail. she was very clear about where she stood on that. she said she wasn't worried about that. that's about spreading fake news as they call it. where she was protesting. she said there is a big, big movement, too many people are afraid to speak out but to your earlier point, dana, this is only going to increase. the brave people are standing up and i think that it is clear that the russian people from what we're hearing in general don't support the war. they may support putin but not the war.
7:48 am
>> dana: i love seeing you in person. thank you for being here. appreciate your time. put-in's war on ukraine is forcing many people to flee their country but military people are nrong to the region to help. >> this is second to nothing i've ever seen. atrocity here and targeting of civilian targets that russia is doing is just horrific. and it is really bad. at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. we called and we got $68,201.
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7:54 am
under pressure. even if it means annihilateing all its citizens. mike waltz, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> a trooper was attacked on an interstate in tampa on friday. dash kam video shows the trooper informing the suspect he cannot walk on the interstate. the suspect then hits the trooper in the face. the two get into a bit of a tussle and an 18 wheeler and another car pulled over and others joined the officers help subdue the suspect. a while since we've seen somebody come to the aid of an officer. we see a lot of these videos with the other thing. that's a good thing to see. >> dana: amazing. it has been a week since fox news team threat news gathering at the outskirts of kyiv was
7:55 am
hit by russian fire killing two colleagues of ours. correspondent ben hall survived the attack and receiving treatment in germany. his journey there would never have happened if not for the polish and ukrainian military. lloyd austin and the department of defense and the group save our allies which actually extracted ben from behind enemy lines in ukraine. sarah is the head of that group and joins me now and sarah, first of all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. it is wonderful to see you and i understand that we have met in the past and good to reconnect. can you tell us about the environment how it all came together and you got ben to safety? >> dana, thanks for having us, of course. this is a very complex situation but we have people in our team willing to go into harm's way to protect those from evil and especially when we got the call for help from
7:56 am
fox we could not move quickly enough to mobilize a multi-national effort to secure ben's extraction from a very dangerous combat zone. >> dana: and any details you can provide and perhaps not. i understand that there is a lot of moving parts that go into an operation like this to make sure it all happens and you have to keep it extremely top secret. >> this is an operation that typically would take months to plan as well as coordination from multiple government agencies and countries and our team led by a gentleman we'll call a special operations and intelligence veteran that is very experienced in precision extraction in hostile environments. when we got the call from fox and my 10 year long relationship with fox and how supportive you are to so many different causes we could not move quickly enough to make sure that ben not only his extraction but he was stabilized through field
7:57 am
medicine by our team and led by trauma surgeons, experienced in military battlefield trauma as well as our team of special operations veterans and intelligence community veterans. they moved heaven and earth to move ben quickly out of an active hostile combat zone but safely due to the grave condition he was in and his injuries. >> dana: it is very emotional to hear about it because we were all, of course, praying and pulling for him but that you and your team got it done. you have a 10-year long relationship with fox news. you and jen griffin started helping veterans injured in war to get track chairs. you can tell us about that and because you don't only handle the organization save our allies you are part of the independence fund. >> i'm so proud of serve as the ceo for the independence fund and look back at our 10 plus years of relationship with fox, fox viewers, anchors, fox corporate who have helped us.
7:58 am
this year we'll provide another track chair. my husband was recovering, you saw a picture of jen and my husband. my husband suffered life changing injuries and jennifer and so many of our fox family have been with us every step of the way and this was a natural extension. when i founded save our allies in august with three amazing friends and special operations veterans, chad and ted and nick it was because we knew that rescuing and protecting and preserving human life even if our own government would not do it, we felt this moral obligation to our wartime allies. that happened not only in afghanistan, it continues 20 but now we're doing the work in ukraine with save our allies. >> dana: how can people help either organization or both if they feel compelled to? >> thank you. i know that right now save our
7:59 am
allies we're focused on continuing to deploy special operations, medical veterans to help us with these field hospitals that we're setting up and mobile medical mission and the continued extraction of very at-risk individuals, disabled individuals, orphans, children, american citizens in afghanistan and also now, of course, in ukraine. which we saw in ben's case. we would love you to visit our to volunteer and also help. we need financial resources, medical supplies, every bit helps us. we are a new organization but we've been in this space collectively for decade and understand what it takes to make sure that we can get to a place of action for those that we are trying so desperately to impact and serve. >> dana: your light shines so bright and so grateful for you and your time and all you did. i'll bring in trace. >> trace: it is fantastic.
8:00 am
as a correspondent covered a war zone where there are no american troops and you can't embed it is vital to have lifelines that you can rely on. thank you so much. >> dana: talk about a lifeline. thank you so much. we'll stay in touch with you as the story will continue. ben is in a medical center recovering and we thank you for getting him there safelyly. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> dana: here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert and right now the historic u.s. supreme court confirmation hearing for ketanji brown jackson is moments away for getting started. president biden said he picked her because she will be the first black woman to serve on the highest court in our nation and her potential confirmation would be four women would be there. also the latest developments on u.s. supreme court justice clarence thomas. he is hospitalized with an infection. he has been there since friday.


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